Privacy Policy


Protect user's privacy is an important philosophy of and (hereinafter referred to as TOPC) and it is an important part of our business. Without your agreement, we shall absolutely not provide your personal information to any unrelated party. TOPC only use your personal information when making agreements or marketing.


1. Collection of Information and Personal Information
1.1 TOPC may collect information in your browser and computer, including IP address, relevant cookies, software and hardware information and access record.
1.2 Cookies collect information about you when you visit our websites and it will be stored on your computer. This and other technical information collected is used to identify you and create a more personalized experience.
1.3 Username, password and other information will be collected when you registered TOPC; Personal or company information (such as name, company name, address, telephone number, phone number and e-mail) will be collected when buying service.


2. Use of Information
We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information you provided to us. It will be used to provide products to or communicate with you. Types of information we may use include:
• Provide information you may interest in to you
• Communicate with you
• Create better services


3. Disclosure of Personal Information
There may be some circumstances where will be legally required to share personal information. You agree that TOPC shall take no responsibility for such case.


4. Use and Maintain of Personal Information
We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all the personal information you provided to us. We will not sell or share your information to third parties unless we ask for your permission upfront. In following cases, we may share the personal information, and it is for better service.
1) TOPC may share your information with some service provider. For example, when you buy one service, your information you provide will be shared with the provider of the service.
2) TOPC may share your information with third parties we engage with to perform services on our behalf. Examples include delivering packages, providing marketing assistance, analyzing data, processing payments.
3) There are third-party advertisements and links to other websites on our websites. We shall not provide personally-identifying information to them.


5. User’s Account
Each user should take care of your TOPC account and password; take responsibility for all activities under your account. To the maximum extent permitted by laws of the People's Republic of China, TOPC reserves the right to refuse service, terminate account, remove or edit content, and cancel orders.
You can solely modify your personal information and password.


6. Network Security
TOPC is obliged to protect collected information with safety engineering. While we have in place up-to-date technology and internal procedures to keep your account information and other personal data secure from intruders, there is no guarantee that such technology or procedures can eliminate all of the risks of theft, loss or misuse.


7. Network Electronic Communications
Accessing TOPC or sending e-mails to us shall be deemed to have communicated with us. It deems to be received once the agreement, announcement, notice and other information is sent by e-mail or post on the websites.


8. Privacy Policy Amendment and Feedback
With the development of TOPC, we will update this policy. You can check it whenever you can. If you have any questions or suggestions about this policy, please contact us or submit it through “Member Center-Complaints” after login your account.
Feedback e-mail:


9. Disputes Settlement
If there is any different interpretation regarding the service you bought on TOPC, either party may bring a suit to the court that have jurisdiction over the lawsuits at Guangzhou.
If you have any infringement of TOPC’s intellectual property rights, TOPC can bring a suit to the courts that have jurisdiction over the lawsuits in China. You accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts hereinbefore.
TOPC reserves the right to update this policy and TOPC’s interpretation shall prevail (in case there are different interpretations regarding this agreement).